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My First Job Interview

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Make a Difference...

Poor Kids! It was a rainy day and they were deprived of playing in the open ground. A ground amidst the graveyard that was compact and had just a couple of broken swings and stinking toilet around. Such is the fate of most government aided schools in India. Yet, playing there was a joyous act for the children.

This was evident from the little-disappointed faces around. “Rain rain go away little children want to play” cried a small girl in me.  While children cursed the rain, I entered the classroom with slight nervousness and more excitement. After all, it was my first interaction with the children. “Namaste Teacher,” said all the voice at once. “Good morning” was my response. Yes, I had to respond in English as I was there to conduct a short duration English learning sessions for the children. It’s very sad to know that a formal English class became a part of curriculum only from standard 5 here.
“Aidondli Aidu… Aideradli hathu” “Rajesha- Bandidini teacher, Rama- Bandidini teacher”…

Extracurricular Activities- The need of the hour

Parents often insist their child to be study oriented and play less. The belief is that dedicating greater time towards study will lead the child to a fruitful life. But parents forget –“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.                                                 Every school encourages children to exhibit their talent in the area of sports, drama, music, art, science etc. But how many kids grab such opportunities? How are these kids different from the ones who only study? Research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the National Research Council (U.S.) shows that participation in extracurricular activities, sports and clubs are key characteristics for evaluating student engagement and students’ sense of belonging at school. This research also shows that both engagement and belonging have a significant impact on students’ overall success

Sandra, a 15 year old always spent time studying yet was an average student. She lacked self-con…

Summer jobs- A stopgap work or a career beginner?

When colleges close for summer breaks, young student community look for part time jobs.  A few due to poor financial background and few others with an attitude of being financially independent and remaining, simply to earn extra money. 
These short time experiments in employment offers students with work experience, enhances their accountability, improves their communication skills, infuses greater confidence and of course provides a little extra money when they leave for college. Besides, a recent study at Boston proved that summer jobs can also contribute to building better society. The study showed that low income teenagers who hold summer jobs are less likely to engage in violence and risky behaviors like drugs and alcohol use. The ones who have experienced will definitely agree that a summer job provides valuable lessons for life as well. The following are the three major areas where students often opt to work during their summer vacations-
Corporate Internships
 Presently, inter…

Bowl Of Surprises!

"Week Two at the "Leader In Us" was planned as a surprise for the students. however, it ended up being a surprise for us and how!" Mohit

Planting Hope

Finally the “Leader in Us” campaign started off, and in style too.
Thanks toLeaders International School (LIS), Gauribidanur.

On the 28th of January 2012, at 1.45, the inauguration was as unique as the concept of the program itself. By planting mango saplings by the Students and all the teachers of LIS