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Planting Hope

Finally the “Leader in Us” campaign started off, and in style too.

Thanks to Leaders International School (LIS), Gauribidanur.

Professor T.Mohan(Green Sweater) planting the first sapling.

On the 28th of January 2012, at 1.45, the inauguration was as unique as the concept of the program itself. By planting mango saplings by the Students and all the teachers of LIS

Director Prakash Shetty waters a sapling as Secretary T.N.Narasimha Murthy Looks on.

All the Teachers of the school, the students of class VIII, the director of the School Mr. Prakash Shetty, Secretary T.N.Narasimha Murthy  and guest faculty

Professor T.K. Mohan were present along with Mohit and Manthan from CaRe.

Six mango saplings were bought and the earth had been prepared.

Students planting the saplings

The students were intimated a week in advance about the program and were curious to know what was in store for them,
The gathering with the new LIS builiding in the background.

the teachers were curious too as to what was going on, overall the atmosphere was vibrant and festive like that in a Hindi movie, only song and dance seemed to be missing.
Teachers and Students enthusiastically planting
The Director of LIS inaugurated the program by addressing the gathering highlighting the need and importance of the program. He introduced us to everyone and inaugurated the program. 

The first sapling was planted by Prof. T.K Mohan, who had been engaged for several weekends now in improving the English speaking skills of the faculty and the students. The Director and the secretary also joined in later and planted the next plant, the teachers and students also pitched in and it was truly a fine sight as everyone went about the task with great vigor and gusto.

Mohit and Manthan planted the last plant, and Mohit gave a short parting speech as to why CaRe chose such a unique way to inaugurate the ”Leader in Us” session.

Students enthusiastically came forward and took part, the best batch we handled so far!

The students, 27 in number, were all charged up as they went into the class room for the first ever session. The class consisted of an energetic mix of boys and girls whose enthusiasm was evident by the way they responded to the questions put up by the facilitators. 

Surprisingly, none of the students showed any signs of shyness as they boldly came one after the other and introduced themselves to the class, something that the facilitators had not see even in graduate & post graduate courses where similar sessions were held.

Based on the academic performance the class was made into 5 teams, each team having a balanced composition. This was a lesson into team building for the students who had been brought up so far with the focus of individual development!

The session consisted of various activities like learning through stories, brainteasers, insights on how to improve listening & observation skills and motivation on how the students could be great speakers and team-players.

CaRe facilitator Manthan with College Director Mr.Prakash

Two hours passed by like minutes and yet the students had the same level of energy as they had in the beginning. A small exercise of dedicating 30 minutes a day for reading was given at the end of the session.

More action awaits on the 4th of February 2012, when the next session “Face the Fear” kicks off!


  1. Awesome very nice..... Something best is happening.... Go ahead guyz m with u.....

  2. Thanks Derick, We always look ahead for your growth!

  3. We have just planted it..!!

  4. Lets believe in it and put in our efforts as much as we can, help and support them in taking this to the next level... good job guys...

  5. Thanks Sachin!!
    Guys request you all to subscribe to be up to date!!!

  6. Hey...great to see something like this coming up from u guys... Well done

  7. We thank you Vijetha! Do keep tuned in for all our latest updates!!!


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