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Summer jobs- A stopgap work or a career beginner?

When colleges close for summer breaks, young student community look for part time jobs.  A few due to poor financial background and few others with an attitude of being financially independent and remaining, simply to earn extra money. 

These short time experiments in employment offers students with work experience, enhances their accountability, improves their communication skills, infuses greater confidence and of course provides a little extra money when they leave for college. Besides, a recent study at Boston proved that summer jobs can also contribute to building better society. The study showed that low income teenagers who hold summer jobs are less likely to engage in violence and risky behaviors like drugs and alcohol use. The ones who have experienced will definitely agree that a summer job provides valuable lessons for life as well.
The following are the three major areas where students often opt to work during their summer vacations-
Corporate Internships
 Presently, internships or SIP (Summer Internship Programs) have become a part of many educational institutions and universities. It provides students with real industry experience and can carry great weightage on a resume. Internships may be paid or unpaid. However, it can provide one with a priceless work experience.

Students who are bookish and enjoy teaching can spend their summer vacations tutoring. Teaching is definitely a noble job and great way for students to earn extra money too.

Retail Sales
With the growing number of shopping malls coming to existence, there are numerous part time job opportunities available in the area of retail sales. With minimum education, greater confidence and enthusiasm as a requirement, this type of work suits students who are sociable, as they will have to often interact with people and also work as a part of team.

I opine that corporate internships always have an edge over other options. Internship experience provides with priceless skills which makes a student “Industry Ready”. Also employers see interns as prospective employees.   The statistics from NACE (National Association of Colleges & Employers) 2009 shows that 67.7% of 2007-08 interns were offered fulltime positions. Besides, internships can get critical professional contacts that can land one to a job. However, finding a perfect summer job will require planning. It is said that “Work well planned is half done”. Thus, proper planning can make ones summer holidays a paid summer experience and can also be a beginning of a career.
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