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Education Changed Life - says this Grandma!

When I shared a video of why not to discontinue girls' education, I received many responses, of which the response from an elderly lady was exceptional. She endorsed the same point about the Girls' education.
Here is the video if you missed watching.

When she was about 15 years old, she had to get married which was about 5 decades back. This was the time her SSLC results were yet to be announced. Nobody bothered about her education - be it her parents, husband or any relative. 

After about a decade of married life, her husband was diagnosed with a serious heart issue. That is when everybody came up with free advice. Why don't you join a textiles factory or do a job available locally - all petty ideas came out.

As you can imagine, anybodyat that time would have listened to such advice and would have joined a job out of fear and helplessness. However, the lady was firm and was only thinking about continuing her education. 

But with a gap of 11 years that too 50 years back - one c…

Opportunity in Disguise!

The King was a little free and so wanted to visit his favorite Sculptor Raman. The King always liked Raman's work as he finds value in each of his sculptures due to the deep and hidden meaning in each of them. The King reaches Raman's place and excited to see the new sculptures. Like any other visit, the King liked many of them and one differently looking sculpture caught his attention. 
Here's how the sculpture looked. It had a human body, wings in place of hands and the face was covered. So, it's unseen if the sculpture had the human face or an animal's face or a bird's face or the sculpture is faceless! Puzzled King asks Raman, "What's this?"
Raman asks the King to guess. After several failed attempts, the King asks Raman to tell about the attention-catching sculpture.
Raman says, "My lord, this sculpture depicts Opportunity!"
Puzzled King, "What? Opportunity?" Raman: "Yes my Lord".
Sarcastically King says, "…